School Policies » Uniforms


All students in grades Kindergarten through Six are required to wear school uniforms Monday through Thursday.  This policy was approved by the SCC (School Community Council) following extensive discussion and data collection.  It was decided that school uniforms would have a positive effect on the school-learning environment as well as raise the standard of dress for all students. Uniforms should be clean and well fitted and follow our Standard Dress Code Policy.  

School uniforms consist of our Pearl Harbor Elementary School T-Shirt or Polo Shirt and bottoms that follow our Standard Dress Code.  School Shirts can be purchased in the school's administration office.

Pearl Harbor Elementary School's uniform consists of the following:
  • Uniform Shirt: Polo shirt with embroidered school logo
  • Pearl Harbor Elementary School Logo T-Shirt
  • Uniform Bottoms:  navy blue, black, gray and khaki pants/shorts/ skirts/skorts/jumpers/denim shorts or pants
  • Shoes:  covered/low heeled shoes with socks are recommended
  • Scout uniforms: on meeting days
Each Friday will be a "free dress" day.  Students will be able to wear their choice of clothing approved under the school's Standard Dress Code in the Parent Handbook.

  • Headgear (e.g. caps, hats, hoods, etc.) are not to be worn on campus and must be stored in the student's backpack or cubby during the school day.
  • Sleeveless shirts or blouses with straps of less than 2 inches
  • "Heely-type" or wheeled shoes
  • Gang related clothing (e.g. sagging or oversized pants)
  • Extreme hair colors (e.g. orange, green, pink, purple)
  • Sunglasses
  • Leggings
  • Shorts or skirts shorter than fingertip length
  • Surf shorts
  • Sports/Gym shorts or sweatpants

  1. Violation #1:  The classroom teacher will inform the parent(s) that the child is in violation of the dress code by sending home a notice that requires a parent/guardian signature.  The notice will be put on file in the office in case of other violations.
  2. Violation #2:  The student will be sent to the office.  Parent will be contacted and asked to bring a uniform to the school  Violation will be noted on form on file.
  3. Violation #3:  The student will be sent to the office.  Administration will call parent(s) for a conference and the student will be assigned a reflection task to be completed during recess in the office.
  4. Violation #4:  The student will be sent to the office.  The student will be considered insubordinate and my be suspended from the school under Class C violation of Chapter 19 of Student Misconduct and Discipline.

WAIVER: (B.O.E. Guideline)

Parents wishing to exempt their student from the uniform policy may "opt-out" by requesting the Application for Exemption form available in the school office. Parents should (1) return the completed forms to the office (2) meet with the Principal or Vice-Principal to discuss the student uniform policy and nature of the objection; and (3) review the acceptable student attire. Exemptions are valid only for the current school year and must be renewed at the beginning of each school year.