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School Overview

Pearl Harbor Elementary School has been serving K-6 students, both military dependents and local residents since 1956. PHES belongs to the Radford Complex in the Central Oahu District of the Hawaii State Department of Education. It integrates a remarkably diverse population that includes Filipinos, Caucasians, African-Americans, Samoans, and Asian-Americans, together with medically fragile students from Aliamanu Crater Military Reservation, Little Makalapa, Ford Island and the Aliamanu/Salt Lake areas. The school is situated between the Navy Exchange (NEX) and the Moanalua Shopping Center.

School Colors
Our school colors are royal blue and white.

School Mascot
The shark is the "aumakua" or guardian spirit of Pearl Harbor. In an old Hawaiian legend, Pu'uloa is the name for Pearl Harbor. The area was once ruled by a chiefess called Ka'ahu. Ka'ahu lived beside a little stream that flowed into Pu'uloa. Often Ka'ahu and her brother went down to the harbor and swam for hours. A shark god liked to watch them. "They should be sharks and live in Pu'uloa" , thought the shark god and changed their form. Ka'ahu was changed into a shark along with her brother. The shark sister and her brother protect the waters of Pearl Harbor.

School Song
Home of the sharks, colors blue and white, Our hearts are filled with pride. 
Forever we'll be true, 
Pearl of O'ahu, spirit of the Pacific, 
Remember this, our hearts reach out to you 
Gather 'round as we join together with radiant smiles 
More mighty than the sun. 
Home of the sharks, colors blue and white, 
Our hearts are filled with pride, 
Forever we'll be true. 
 (Oral History Project, GT Class of '90)

Video by Mr. Chang