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Mission, GLOs & Beliefs

Radford Complex Mission
The mission of Radford Complex is to equip our students with 21st century skills by providing a rigorous and relevant curriculum, using technology-enhanced instruction in a caring environment that promotes a growth mindset.
Radford Complex Vision
The vision of Radford Complex is to educate all students toward college and career readiness, so they may reach their full potential as responsible, literate, critical thinkers, and contributing members of our digital and global society.
PHES Mission
Pearl Harbor Elementary School's mission is to provide all students with a high quality education that prepares them to be successful within the global society.
PHES Vision
Pearl Harbor Elementary School envisions our students to be respectful, responsible, lifelong learners.
PHES Technology Vision
We envision our students to pursue their own inquiries; making use of technologies to find, organize and interpret information.  We would like our students to become creators of knowledge with opportunities to collaborate and design, develop, explore analyze, create and evaluate their own learning  We envision our teachers to teach with technology rather than primarily teach technology.
General Learner Outcomes (GLOs)
Self-Directed Learners (The ability to responsible for one's own learning)
Community Contributor (The understanding that it is essential for human beings to work together)
Complex Thinker (The ability to be involved in complex thinking and problem solving)
Quality Producer (The ability to recognize and produce quality performance and quality products)
Effective Communicator (The ability to effectively use communication skills (listening, reading, writing, speaking, visual) to function effectively in society)
Effective and Ethical Users of Technology (The ability to use a variety of technologies effectively and ethically)

At Pearl Harbor Elementary we believe...
  • that high expectations lead to high performance
  • good attendance promotes learning
  • all students can learn and achieve to their full potential
  • all students will have the opportunity to receive a diverse education in a safe, supportive environment that promotes self-discipline, motivation, and excellence in learning.
  • our staff members will be given the opportunity for professional growth with the purpose of improving and maintaining a quality staff
  • our school should operate in partnership with the whole community
  • in the importance of family involvement in students' learning and achievements
  • a productive school community should consist of students, parents, staff, businesses, and organizations working collaboratively