Sender: Harper Clark
Posted On: 03/18/2016
Year: 1951


I started the 1st-grade in September 1951 when Pearl Harbor Elementary was a collection of quonset huts and an old wood administration building at No. 1 C Avenue where Kai is located today. I have so many good memories of attending Pearl Harbor Elementary at the old location. I was in the last semester of 2nd-grade when my dad got orders back stateside and I had to leave. That was a sad day. I am trying to find a link that shows what the new Pearl Harbor Elementary looks like and also the school at the old location. If I get to visit Hawaii again, I would like to come visit the school. I was six years old when I first enrolled at PHE. I am now 71 years old and a retired journalist. I enjoyed your website and getting to hear the students sing the school song.

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