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Sender Alexander Song
Posted On 2014-09-24
Year Class of 1994
Memoir I attended Pearl Harbor Elementary School for kindergarten from September 1987 through June of 1994 when I graduated 6th grade. I remember all of the fond memories of being a student in what I believe is the best elementary school ever. It was also a great location because it was right next door to our church, The First Samoan United Church of Christ in Hawaii, which is now the parking lot for the NEX. I have the utmost respect for all educators, especially those that helped me to enjoy going to school and learning. Especially Mrs. Koseki, Mrs. Shiramizu, Mrs. Kam, Mrs. Hale, Mrs. Valencia, Mrs. Nakagawara, Mrs. Forster, Mrs. Burton, Mrs. Smoot, Mrs. Lyons, Mrs. Sakima, Kumu Paikai, Aunty Pepe, and many many others I have forgotten names for but whose faces I continue to recall. I can go on with memories, but I won't for lack of space and time. Camp Erdman in the 6th grade, student council from 3rd through 6th grade, chorus for all 7 years with Mrs. Sakima (and the many musicals and performances), GT classes with Mrs. Lyons from 3rd through 6th grade, Central District Student Council from 5th to 6th grade, being involved with PTSA, being spelling bee champ 4 years in a row, going to pizza hut for book-it, going to pizza hut or KFC for being student of the month at least once every year, D.A.R.E. program, competing in the annual track meets, playing tetherball in the dirt, playing on the school volleyball and basketball teams, playing wagon trail in the computer class and thinking how cool it was and how advance we were for being able to play it on a computer, graduating in 1994 and singing "If We Hold On Together" and "Hero", going to classroom #'s 1-4 during recess, eating lunch and never wasting food, going to 7-11 or Sack-N-Save after school, just being a kid. I miss it and am grateful for all the good times and being able to spend those years there. My mother and her sisters and brother went to school there from the 1956-1972 and hopefully one day, my children will also be able to attend PHES. I still live in Aliamanu (for 27 years now) and hope to stay here for as long as I can and raise my family here. God Bless Pearl Harbor Elementary School--Home of the Sharks--Forever!

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