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Posted On: 09/24/2014
Year: 1990-1997 K-6th

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I am so glad I visited this site. Just from looking over it I recognize so many old friends: Kaslausky bros., Pase Fiaseu (I remember he was the all athlete guy), Kahea Keala and Roxy. Roseller Lagazo, Aito Sagapolutele, Jason Castro, Barbra Baughn...and so many more. I have a hard time remembering last names...Melissa and Jamal. Wow. I was there from K-6th grade. Had Ms. Chow or Chan for 6th grade. I was the May Day King that year along with Melissa that was one of my ultimate PHES memories. Memories of kickball and sloppy joes haha. I attended Wahiawa Intermediate for half a year before I moved with my family to Los Angeles in '97 and have been here ever since. I graduated from UC San Diego and now live in Hollywood pursuing a career in Audio Engineering. If anybody remembers me PLEASE write me. I am actually spending the summer in Hawaii this year (2009) to visit some family.

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