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Memoirs - Sagapolutele

Sender Aito Sagapolutele
Posted On 2014-09-24
Year '91-'96
Memoir at times i can still sing the school song... lol.... too many memories to name.... me and my brother Jonathan moved to colorado along with our family in '96..... miss my really good friends i made there, keep in touch with a couple of them, Pase Fiaseu, Chesty Pulu, looking to get in contact with a lot, Barbra Baughn, Jayne Juan, Jason Castro, just to name a few.... also miss my teachers, Mr. Arakawa, Mrs. Kawahara, Mrs. Kelly...... currently i work with at-risk youth at the Rite of Passage as a coach counselor here in colorado, been in the field for a little over 4 years, also im working off and on with music.... if you know someone i remember or remember me.... contact me...

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