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Memoirs - Causey

Sender Brenda Causey
Posted On 2014-09-24
Year 1964-65
Memoir I attended kindergarten at PHES during the 1964-65 school year. My name then was Brenda Causey. My teacher was Mrs. Fukiatchi (pronounced Fu-ki-aw-chi) . . . sure hope I'm spelling it right. My two older sisters, Cindy and Stephanie, also attended PHES during the 1963-64 and 1964-65 school years --Cindy was in the third and fourth grades; Stephanie, the second and third grades.

I remember the big sliding glass doors in the classrooms, too. I really remember the day our dog (a Boxer named Bozo) followed my sisters and me to school one day. He was running around the school going in and out of the classrooms until my mom came to the school to get him. We lived in military housing within walking distance to the school. I wonder if anyone else from then remembers the day our dog came to school?

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