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Memoirs - Bode

Sender Leka Bode aka Martha Lavatai
Posted On 2014-09-24
Memoir My fondest childhood memories are at PHES... Mrs. Kumai,Mrs. Lam, Mrs. Oshiro, Mrs. Howie, Mrs. Yoshida and Mrs. Wong..and Mrs. McBride... All great educators ...I remember our recycling challenges, Jump for heart, swimming lessons at Aiea in 4th grade,Special Olympics at Radford in 5th grade, Camp Erdman and JPO in 6th grade,the snacks and juice at recess and great lunches....ummmm... oh.. of course JPO..The only bad memory I have was when we received fluoride once a year... At the time I attended PHES there was a mixture of local and military students... I'm sorry to say that I have no contact with anyone of them as our paths took us to different directions in life. Candace, Julie Jones, Shawn Montgomery, Lyn Cadiz, Jennifer Gomes, Melvin Guieb, Aimee, Norman, Sean Concepcion, Clyde and more... If you are out there.. you love to hear from you...

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