First day of school for students
Date: 8/1/2014
Kindergarten Class Lists/Groups will be posted
Date: 8/1/2014, 4 PM
Kindergarten Group A
Date: 8/5/2014, 7:45 AM 12:30 PM
Kindergarten Group B
Date: 8/6/2014, 7:45 AM 12:30 PM
Kindergarten Group C
Date: 8/7/2014, 7:45 AM 12:30 PM

News and Announcements

School Uniform Alert
All students in grades Kindergarten through Six are required to wear school uniforms Monday through Thursday. This policy was approved by the SCBM (School Community Based Management) Council following extensive discussion and data collection. It was decided that school uniforms would have a positive effect on the school-learning environment as well as raise the standard of dress for all students. Uniforms should be clean and well fitted and follow our Standard Dress Code Policy. In School Year 2013-14 (4th Quarter), the SCC (School Community Council formally known as SCBM) piloted an adjustment to our existing Uniform Policy that allowed our student body to wear a variety of bottoms along with our school shirt. At the end of the 4th quarter, no decision was made to change the existing Uniform Policy. We will continue to collect data and discuss our Uniform Policy with all stakeholders (SCC, Faculty, Students) in school year 2014-15. Therefore we will continue to pilot during school year 2014-15.

For clarification of our pilot: All students in grades Kindergarten through Six are required to wear school uniforms Monday through Thursday. School uniforms consist of our Pearl Harbor Elementary School T-Shirt or Polo Shirt and bottoms that follow our Standard Dress Code.

Navy blue, black, gray and khaki pants, shorts, skirts, skirts, jumpers, denim shorts or pants

NOT Permitted:
Surf trunks, sports & gym shorts, leggings
Achieve Summer 40-Activity Challenge
This summer, take part in the Achieve3000 40-Activity Challenge, and you'll have a chance to win an iPodĀ® nano! Whether you're using Achieve3000 at summer school or home, just login to Achieve3000, complete activities, and you'll be automatically entered into a raffle. Complete at least 40 activities with an average first-try score of 75% or higher on each activity and you'll be automatically entered to win an iPod nano. Plus, each week, an exciting prize will be sent to the student with the most achievement points. These are the points you earn automatically for completing work within the program.

No registration is required to join this contest. Just be sure to login and complete lots of KidBiz/TeenBiz activities.

The contest runs from June 16-Aug 15, 2014.
2014-2015 School Supply Lists
Take advantage of summer school supply sales! Our 2014-2015 school supply lists are available now under the Parents tab.
Free/Reduced Meal Application
Please click here to apply for and submit the Free/Reduced Meal Application online.
Kindergarten Age Change
Starting August 2014, a child must be 5 on or before July 31 to enter kindergarten. The change is a result of Act 178, Session Laws of Hawaii 2012. For more information, visit or call (808)586-0796.
PHES Text Messaging Service
Pearl Harbor Elementary School is able to send announcements via SMS text messaging through the School Connects service to your mobile phones. Important messages that you may receive include traffic/weather alerts, telephone system breakdowns, and reminders about important events/holidays.
WASC Accreditation
Pearl Harbor Elementary School is a fully accredited school with the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.
The Green Team
The Green Team is an after school program provided for our 4th-6th grade students. Watch this video to find out what it's all about!
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